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A short introduction to myself and what I stand for…

1980…I was born in 1980 and the 4th born in a middle class family. My parents were active in the jewelry business and they ran a jewelry shop for almost 5 decades. My father, who was the 3rd generation Master Watchmaker, took over the shop from his parents, who in their turn took over the shop from their parents. My father has been working on pocketwatches, wristwatches and wallclocks until the age of 74, untill he passed away suddenly. It makes me a 4th generation goldsmith and watchmaker.

Fastforward to the year 2002 when I graduated as a goldsmith. I already had some experience in this field thanks to a basic education at school but more importantly, thanks to the family tradition and heritage, with a vast and available source of knowledge and experience some of which had already passed to me.

2002…I also got my very first Heuer timepiece. It was a Heuer Monaco reference 1533G. Up untill today this is still for me the most beautifull Monaco that Heuer ever made. At that time I was only a goldsmith and I had no experience with mechanical wristwatches. So I had to rely on my father to get it serviced and repaired. It was around 2003 that I started to search for more information on the internet related to Heuer. I quickly discovered the website from Jeff Stein,, up untill today it remains the leading website related to Heuer timepieces.

2004…that is the year I decided I wanted to become a qualified watchmaker. I felt the urge to work on those little mechanical wonders myself. First I started trying to improve the finish on the cases as most of the tools used for this task are similar to the ones used for finishing precious materials when goldsmithing. This was the beginning of a wonderfull journey which is still going on today.

My objective with watches is driven by passion. I live and breath watches and I am convinced I am more a collector rather than a seller of vintage timepieces. Every single time I sell a watch I feel a bit sad. I would like to keep every watch and add it to my humble private collection but that is just not possible. When I work on a watch, I work on it as if it was my own watch. 

Despite the fact that my website is primarily about Heuer timepieces I have experience with and work on most of the top brands including Zenith, Omega, Breitling, Universal Geneve, Rolex, Jaeger LeCoultre and many many more…

By now, you already have a general view about me and what I stand for. I hope you will appreciate my website and that you will be able to spend some time on it every now and then.

Also I promise to keep this space on the internet up-to-date by adding new pictures and of course new watches in the sale section. 

…and maybe one day my daughter or my son will feel the same urge and become the 5th generation watchmakers/goldsmiths in line. Only time will tell.

I have time in my veins and time is the greatest luxury a man can have…

Thanks for your message !

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